A Visit from Philppine Academy of Sakya


On August 28th,  Dr. Divina Graci Gaspar, Principal of Philippine Academy of Sakya(PAS), visited HUE with a 6-member delegation. The heads of International Office, School of Educational Science and School of Liberal Arts, and teachers in charge of relevant bachelor programs met with the guests in Meeting Room 1 of the Administration Building.

At the meeting, the two sides reached a preliminary intent on the following programs: setting up overseas internship base, promoting Chinese language education, co-compiling Chinese language teaching materials, jointly building a Chinese language education resource center, carrying out a comparative study on Chinese language education, dispatching teachers and students to study in HUE, and co-applying for establishing Confucius Classroom. After the meeting, the delegation visited the Center of Competency-based Training for Teachers with strong interest.


Master Fa Du, representative of the School Board of PAS and Chairman of Fujian Zen Culture Exchange Promotion Association, attended relevant activities and improvised a calligraphy work called “Strive for Perfection” as a present to HUE, expecting a brilliant future of the cooperation between both parties. (Translation: Ms. ZHOU Ruoyun, Ms. JIA Yanning, Mr. LI Chenglong, Ms. TAN Wei, Ms. Jing Haiyi; Revision: Mr. Liu Hui; Editing: Mr. CUI Qing)