Opening ceremony&gala performance held for 2020 freshmen


On October 22, with the theme of Shouldering responsibilities as university students to realize the Chinese Dream, HUE held a grand welcome party for the freshmen of 2020 in the athletic field, which all the university leaders, 2020 intake students and representatives of senior students and teachers, the heads of administrative departments and Deans of 15 Sub-Schools attended.

The event opened with the solemn national anthem and followed by three speeches given by Jiang Zhang (a senior majoring in Chinese language and literature), Zhuogacuomu (a freshman majoring in education) and Li Sha (a teacher from the School of Physics and Electromechanical Engineering) on behalf of their peers.

Zheng Jun, President of HUE, addressed on the topic of Carrying forward the noble cause and forging ahead to shoulder the glorious mission bestowed by the Times, welcoming 4082 freshmen and fully appreciating their endeavours of continuous learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, in which, he raised four expectations for freshmen.

To start with, adapt to the new learning and living environment by deepening the understanding of universities with an open mind and inclusive attitude. Secondly, commit to the pursuit of knowledge, which needs diligent learning to lay a solid foundation for innovation and sustainable progress. In the meanwhile, to have a colorful college life. Thirdly, enhance abilities and sharpen skills. To fully tap the potential to seize the opportunity and fulfill your dream by confronting to the challenges and learning from the setbacks. Lastly, take on a new mission bravely upholding the leadership of the CPC and studying hard for the prosperity and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

After the video of The First Lesson, Hua Yuchen, the National March Eighth Red Flag Bearer for fighting against COVID-19, gave a report entitled Being the Happiest Screw. Gan Ruyi, an Advanced Individual in the National Fight against COVID-19, recounted her journey back to Wuhan by riding bike alone for over 300 kilometers to rush to the frontline against the pandemic.

welcome party concluded with the gala performance of songs, dances and cheerleading, showing the vigorous spirit of the students and the diversified campus life. Vice-president Huang Song performed a saxophone solo, The Butterfly Lovers, to expect students to break the cocoon into butterflies and grow up to be talents. Two songs, Remaining true to our original aspiration and Under the National Flag, eulogized the enterprising and accountable spirit of generations of the young and served as a vivid lesson of ideological and political education for freshmen. The event ended successfully in the mellifluous song of We are all dream chasers.

 (Translation: CHENG Ruixin, SHI Yuxin, WANG Jing, WANG YUwei, WEI Zishan; Revision: LIU Hui; Editing: CUI Qing)